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We’re Emily and David - a young family from Salt Lake City. We have a 10-year-old daughter, Samantha, who just LOVES to draw. She started drawing from when she was 3 years old on EVERY surface she could find at home - tables, chairs, windows, closets, doors and so on. We felt that we couldn’t stop her from expressing her creativity at this age (she was 4 by then), so we decided to create a tool for drawing, which doesn’t cause any mess. This is how KidyStars came to life. 
We strongly agreed on the idea that this tool should imitate the same drawing effect as with regular pens and paper. Besides, we wanted to create something exceptional too. At this point, we decided to use light, and we were surprised - the drawings looked really amazing! All the kids and parents started to want this because it’s a fun and engaging toy for all the family. It develops creativity, imagination, drawing skills, and learning!
Emily, David and Samantha

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